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South Africa Missiontrip in January - Part 1/2

Testimony by Dennis Hollowell

Greetings from the Republic of South Africa,

I am in my concluding few hours in Bloemfontein, Free State Province using the pastor’s computer. Later today the minister from Queenstown will arrive to take us there. We’ll take a trip to Port Elizabeth area to tour a large private wild animal park. Then back to Queenstown for ministry.

This is not a typical e-mail. It is a fascinating report. I suggest you print it off to read. Feel free to forward it to people who would truly be interested enough in this report of God’s revival work to read it with interest from beginning to end.

I have never had a week like this before. It is the type of thing I only hear about on Christian television or radio interviews. I am with Rudolf Ryser, the minister from Switzerland that I met at the Power and Love Conference at Harvest AG in Chesapeake in November. Rudolf is an Apostle, Evangelist and Teacher in the true biblical sense of it. It has been a week of the extraordinary, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following. Healings, miracles, and deliverance are the typical in Rudolf’s ministry.

After the long trip there I was met at the airport in Bloemfontein ( a large city of 2.5 to 3 million) by Rudolf and the host pastor, Rowland Mogaecho, pastor of Grace Ministries. He and his wife Edna have been wonderful hosts. We have stayed in their house. Their son slept in his sister’s room to free his room for me. The host couple gave over their master bedroom to Rudolf and slept in a room for storage and the granddaughter’s play room. That is by their insistence. They wanted to honor us and make us feel as welcome as can be.

The first full day (Saturday, 1-23-10) we took the about 4 hour trip to the farm town of Prieska , North Cape Province. Grace Ministries has a church plant there that is doing well. When I asked about the trip there I was told what happens is a surprise. When we got there, on the outskirts of town we pulled over into a lot and were met by about 20 church members and local police. We were warmly greeted and given Grace Ministries shirts to wear. Then we went on a police escorted parade through town, horns honking, displaying a banner about the revival services and more and more cars joining in the parade. We were taken to a guest house owned by a gold mining tycoon from Johannesburg who allows his house to be rented. It was nice with a small swimming pool.

We had services Saturday night, Sunday morning and evening. They were held in a large community center. The Saturday night service must have had 400, possibly 500 people as big overhead doors were up and people sitting and standing outside. The greatest miracle of salvation happened for many. In addition to that, after the word was preached there were signs and wonders. Rudolf started off the time of signs and wonders by praying that people who needed to be delivered from demons were bound in the name of Jesus to their chairs. He then asked everyone who could stand to stand. Those people who were bound to their chairs and couldn’t stand were obviously the tormented and possessed. They were prayed for and delivered, healed of ailments and saved. Rudolf then gave me an interesting surprise. He taught about the anointing being transferable. He called me up and told everyone that he was going to lay his right hand on my hand and transfer healing anointing to my right hand. He asked people needing healing to come forward and I laid my hands on them for healing. If they felt the pain go away they were to go back to their seat. People were going back to their seats. He did this in two services. One lady whose arm was crippled by something had come forward. She had plastic wrapped around her arm, I guess something like an elastic bandage. She went home and removed it. She telephoned the pastor the next day excited to report her arm completely well. She could move it normally at the elbow and swing her arm around at the shoulder. I took video with Rudolf’s cell phone camera of the Sunday morning service and an 86 year old lady was healed. Because of her problems she limped and was in pain. Rudolf had her sit in her chair and stick her legs out. The left leg was noticeably shorter than the other. He spoke in the name of Jesus for the leg to grow out. It did! It even grew about a quarter inch longer than the right leg. So then he asked Jesus to grow the right leg out to match it and it did! It was still a little twisted because of the hip. Jesus put it back in shape. I stood over her watching and videoed it. The old woman was so happy and walking around. She didn’t need the walker. That night she came walking into the church service smiling big with her relatives. Rudolf also taught using the Jewish prayer shawl or Tallit. As he approached people he told them they could touch the prayer shawl, his necktie or the Grace Ministries shirt and the anointing of Jesus would heal them. Person after person said their pain left.

I have been singing at all of the services.

In North Cape Province and Free State Province the first language for most is Afrikaans. Most people speak at least some English but Pastor Rowland, who speaks 5 languages, was our interpreter between Afrikaans and English so many in the audience would better get the message.

Pastor Rowland honored me by asking me to preach as well as sing at the Monday night revival meeting back at his church in Bloemfontein.

During this past week Rudolf ministered on Tuesday to students of this branch of his Bible College taught by Pastor Rowland. Wednesday we had a revival service. While Rudolf was ministering a young man arrived with his born again sister. She tried to invite him to church on Monday but half way on Monday he turned back. Rudolf prayed on Monday evening in the service, laying hands on the sister, that Jesus Christ would release ministering spirits/angels (according to Hebrews 1:14) who would bring him to the church on Wednesday night. On Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. he was already longing to come to the healing service. He was delivered, saved and healed. Thursday and Friday Rudolf taught the leadership of Grace Ministries.

On Saturday 1-30-10 we went across Bloemfontein to Global Reconciliation Church. They bought an abandoned little shopping plaza and have services in what was a super market. I sang and Ru-dolf ministered on the subject of Grace. Many university students were there. The worship and praise was very loud but very good. The songs were in Zulu, Sutu, and English. Rudolf didn’t need Rowland to interpret on the Grace sermon/teaching. There were salvations and many healings. A man with chest, hip and back pains from an accident limped to the front for healing. He was healed of everything. Apostle Rudolf had him to sit in a chair and stick his legs out. A shorter leg was lengthened and the hip and back aligned properly. He was amazed, and full of joy went running up the two or three steps of the stage, back down and running down the aisle and back.

Then Rudolf did what I had heard him talk about before: the anointing transferred to his shadow (or his “shade” as he calls it). A man brought two lights on a tripod over to shine on him to cast the shadow. People were coming through speaking their problem and then walking through Rudolf’s shadow. There was a young lady who was in severe leg and knee pain. She didn’t sit down because there was no difference. She sat on the front row beside me waiting for Dr. Rudolf to later come to her. He did and prayed for her as she sat. While he was back in the shadow healing line the young woman started unfastening the Velcro fasteners on the leg and knee brace. Seeing her faith I said to her, “Good for you”. She got up, brace in hand, and started walking with her hand over her mouth in amazement. A couple of minutes after she sat down on the third row I saw her dabbing her eyes with a tissue blotting up tears of joy. Her university friends were looking on with big smiles and amazement. A few minutes later they were all excitedly talking about it. Another woman with lung cancer was healed. No more pain. She could breathe big deep breaths.

Sunday, 1-31-10, we had a lovely communion service. In honor of the guests from Switzerland and America they had all the chairs wrapped in white cloths and silver ribbons and the lectern wrapped in white and silver. It looked like there was going to be a wedding or a silver anniversary rededication of vows ceremony. Dr. Rudolf included teaching on healing in the Communion meal. Not only did several people get saved but several people reported healing from taking Communion/the Lord’s Supper.

These things I have witnessed and heard with my own eyes and ears.

Other interesting highlights this week: I have been wearing my Christian Motorcyclists Association summer cap (It’s summer here) with the CMA logo/colors patch on the front. On the way to Prieska we were eating lunch at a Wimpy’s Restaurant in a shopping mall in the city of Kimberly. After Rudolf, Rowland , Edna and I sat down two men came over to our table because they had seem my CMA cap and wondered who I was and where from. It turns out it was not only two South African CMAers but one of them, Flip Kuehn is the North Cape Province Coordinator. That is equivalent to our CMA State Coordinator. We not only had a nice conversation but I learned that 10 years ago he started a biker church and pastors it today. He said they have about 550 to 700 on Sunday mornings. About 40% are motorcyclists. The others just like the style and/or the spiritually alive atmosphere.

I went to a local ministers fellowship meeting with Rowland and Rudolf this week. It is something like I go to once a month. Among the minis-ters is Wimpy Burger ( interesting name. There is a restaurant chain named Wimpy’s that sells burgers. In Afrikaans it is pronounced Vum-py). There is nothing wimpy about this big muscular guy who also started a biker church in Bloemfontein a few years ago. He is also a CMAer and knows Flip Kuehn. His biker church, which is named Biker Church, has about 500 on Sunday mornings. About 30% are motorcyclists. It is about 50/50 members and regular constituents. He said he is surprised at how many people that go there actually culturally prefer a more formal type of Christian service. Churches like the Roman Catholic and Dutch Reformed Churches are so spiritually dull or dead that those that want an anointed Jesus church prefer Pastor Wimpy and the Biker Church.

The next day Rowland took Rudolf and me to a big local Honda motor-cycle dealership to inquire about renting motorcycles for a country ride. They didn’t do that and the manager came out to talk to us and told us we’d have to go to a town that has a lot of tourism to find that. He saw my CMA cap. He is also a serious CMAer. He had the South African version of the CMA “Hope for the Highway” Bible in English with South African motorcyclists’ testimonies and the newly released “Hope for the Highway” Bible in the Afrikaans language. He keeps them at work for witnessing opportunities. A big CMA group had been in the night before, including Wimpy Burger, for the unveiling of a new Honda, the VFR 1200 sport bike that can go over 200 miles per hour. The road between Bloemfontein and Prieska is for the most part an amazingly long and straight road. Sport bikers love it.

Rowland had also told the local Christian police precinct Superintendent about me coming and being a police Chaplain in Portsmouth. She thought it would be nice to meet me and Rudolf. We went by, met her, and had our picture taken with her and the local civic league chairman. Bloemfontein is going to host the World Cup soccer event in June. She spoke of her concern of not having enough policemen. She will try to get some retired policemen to work the event. She knows there will be an abundance of thieves and other criminals, including sex slave child snatchers, and she is concerned for security. She values your prayers.

Pastor Rowland is friends with Winkie Direko, the lady who was Free State Province Premier. That’s the equivalent of our State Governor. She is now 80 and only recently retired from active civic life. She was Province Premier for 5 years until, I think, 3 years ago. We went by her house to visit but had just missed her. We were allowed in and I saw her portraits and awards. We stopped by her sister’s house last night where we were told she was and had a nice visit with her. Come to find out she had fallen and was in pain. She greeted us in her bathrobe. Rudolf and his wife Ruth had prayed for her a few years ago for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. It happened. This time Rudolf prayed for her and the pains from falling as well as a chest pain were healed. Other people in the house were also prayed for. This lady is a fine Christian lady. She has much influence. I encouraged her to use her influence and integrity to tell of the healing that Jesus gave her. She is a black woman. She said that because she governed with honesty and integrity, people, including whites, encourage her to run for Premier again. She says at 80 she won’t do it. While Rudolf and Rowland were in another room I had a chance to chat with her. I feel it an amazing privilege to have been able to sit with the former Premier and talk with her and even encourage her to use her great influence to speak into people’s lives and give testimony about her healing.

It has been such an amazing week that I may have left something out. Certainly , there are more details. We value your prayers.

Jesus saves; Jesus heals; Jesus is coming again!!!

For Souls,

Denny Hollowell
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