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South Africa Missiontrip in January - Part 2/2

Testimony by Dennis Hollowell

Greetings from the Republic of South Africa,

After arriving in Queenstown Monday night and getting to bed late and the schedule of the previous week it was good to rest on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday Dr. Rudolf Ryser, Pastor Scharneck and I went to Port Elizabeth, close to 300 miles. We went through Port Alfred and had lunch there at a beautiful marina area. The semi-arid wide open sweeping rolling vistas, hilly country and low mountains remind me of parts of Texas, Arizona, or Colorado. We had a hotel room across the street from the Indian Ocean in Port Elizabeth. On Thursday we had an adventure at an African wild animal park riding through it in a Land Rover with a guide. Every day, one to three people got saved on our trip, including our tour guide and her office worker colleague at the animal park. We arrived back Thursday night. It is not good to travel after dark because of animals on the road, mainly 500 pound Kudu, which have a tendency to run into the light, and also rancher’s cows. There are Kudu and Cow warning signs all up and down the South African highways. Most of the drive is very rural and very dark. We were running late leaving Port Elizabeth. We made it safely past about 10 cows. Great trip!

Pastor Scharneck's wife Des is the head nurse at the local clinic. Rudolf and I went there this morning. With the permission of Des and all the staff Rudolf went around to the people waiting to be seen at the clinic. He prayed with, I think, all of the people waiting in two rooms with all kind of problems, including AIDS. He operates in Word of Knowledge, Gifts of Healing, Working of Miracles, and Faith. Person after person said the pain was gone, they were healed. He led each one to the Lord. In the second room, with the help of a nurse translating into the Xhosa language, he had everyone join in together in prayer to receive Jesus, including a man wearing an "I Love Jesus" cap but who admitted he wasn't born-again (People often wear clothing they got somewhere but they aren't connected to the message on the shirt or cap). After they received Jesus there was prayer for healing and they all claimed they felt healed. Basically, this was a book of Acts situation where a man of God goes into a clinic and empties it out!!! It was about 20-22 patients, including two infants. Some people just got up and went home. Some students who came from school with a permission slip needed to see the nurse just to of-ficially sign out. They did. They were well now, so they just got the signature and went back to school or home. Others stayed because of being there on government medical grants because of AIDS, TB and viral treatments, etc. They are required to see the nurse to get a signature for that visit. They were to see the nurse for confirmation, get the signature and go. There were also several staff members who wanted prayer. One woman with feet problems started walking and then trotting in the biggest room, very happy.

This coming Monday morning we are told that there is a bigger crowd at the clinic. We're going back.

After that we stopped at an automobile repair business to get a car battery. Rudolf had a Word of Knowledge about one of the mechanics suffering from arthritis pain. He talked to the man, prayed for healing and for his salvation. The man was healed and saved. He gave Rudolf two copper bracelets he had been wearing unsuccessfully for healing. Rudolf said he will add them to his collection of arthritis copper bracelets that have come off of people he's prayed for and were healed.

Sunday there is the church service in which I'll sing and the grad-uation ceremony of the Bible college in which I am asked to give an encouragement/exhortation 10 minute message.

They are having a drought in this region that is becoming major. They would highly value your prayers for this.

Thanks for praying.

For Souls,

Denny Hollowell

Jesus saves; Jesus heals; Jesus is coming again!!!
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