Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

FIRE REVIVAL! Catch the Fire; Spread the Fire! August/September 2013

Doors open at 9:30am

There will be 3 sessions: Morning / afternoon / evening sessions with breaks in between.

The Holy Spirit will guide us into praise an worship, preaching and teaching, anointing and sending out!

Your Host:

Apostle Rudolf Ryser, Ph.D., D.Min. welcomes you to this Revival Conference 2013!

It is a time for
Catch the Fire; Spread the Fire!

My heart’s desire is to bring revival into your life and ministry!  So come and catch the fire and go spread the fire!

Catch'n'Spread it!

Come for Revival in the heart of Switzerland!

We are pleased to have with us Jim Cernero, Revivalist/Healing and Worship Minister.  He is working with Benny Hinn for 22 years! Learn more about Jim Cernero, see next Post!

Come for Fire Revival!  Catch the fire, refuel and get your healing or miracle through the hand of Jesus Christ!

Registration is free but required.  Registration ends August 23rd.
Each day during the Revival Conference we will sow a seed into the kingdom of God.
For room booking (on your own cost) please call: (From USA dial 011+41+** *** ** **)

B'n'B Kirchleerau
For CHF (Swiss Francs) 70 up to 80 ($75 up to $85)
B'n'B to Revival Location is approx. 10 minutes by bus

Béatrice und Rolf MEILI-BAUMANN
Dorfstrasse 32
CH-5054 Kirchleerau (AG)
Phone +41 62 738 38 85
Mobile +41 79 400 70 61
Mobile +41 79 453 51 05
Fax +41 62 738 38 80

B'n'B Schöftland
For CHF 50 up to 90 ($55 up to $100)
B'n'B to Revival Location is approx. 23 minutes by bus

Richard und Sophie LUSTENBERGER
Juraweg 20
CH-5040 Schöftland (AG)
Phone +41 62 721 20 57
Mobile +41 76 379 67 76

B'n'B Triengen
For CHF 80 up to 130 ($85 up to $140)
B'n'B to Revival-Location is approx. 25 minutes by bus

Dorothée PETERS
Landhaus Peters
Marchstein 6
CH-6234 Triengen (LU)
Mobile +41 76 539 60 00

Hotel Triengen
For CHF 85 up to 155.- ( $90 up to 165.- )
Hotel to Revival-Location is approx. 12 minutes by bus

Gasthaus zum Rössli 
Familie Heinrich Müller
Kantonsstrasse 57
CH- 6234 Triengen LU
Tel. 041 933 15 06 

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