Montag, 10. April 2017

 18th Int. Fivefold Ministry Meeting 2017

19. May (Friday) - Arrival (Train Station Aarau)

20. May - ITA Ordinations
21. May - Free service
22. - 24. May - Int. Fivefold Ministry Meetings
25. - 26. May - Fire Revival Conference

29. May (Monday) - Departure (Train Station Aarau)

Your Host:

Apostle Rudolf Ryser, Ph.D., D.Min. welcomes you to this Revival Conference!

It is time for

                               Int. Fivefold Ministry


Catch the Fire; Spread the Fire!

My heart’s desire is to bring revival into your life and ministry!  So come and catch the fire and go spread the fire!

Catch'n'Spread it!

Come for Revival in to the heart of Switzerland!

Catch the fire, refuel and get your healing or miracle through the hand of Jesus Christ!

Registration is free but required.
Each day during the Revival Conference we will sow a seed into the kingdom of God.

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